Famous Camel Fair in Rajastan, India

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I know something about camels, i.e, that they are vengeful. If they don’t like you, they will wait until you are asleep and then stomp on your head and kill you! Fortunately, I never got so close to a camel that he would want to kill me. But I did attend the camel fair in Puskar, India, where 30,000 camels freely roam the fair grounds. What I did not know, was how vain camels are – prancing around like thoroughbred horses in fancy costumes, with rows of beaded necklaces around their necks, hand embroidered blankets on their humps and jangling anklets around their hooves. The Camel Fair is like a Miss America pageant for camels, where they show off their stuff in beauty contests, races and dancing (!) competitions. They also sell camel’s milk as a delicacy at the fair, but I never tried it!