My name is Constanza and I am the artistic creator behind Constanza Jewelry. My objective is to marry the creative process with charitable giving. The proceeds of each piece of jewelry I sell goes to a charity or non-profit organization. Some of the organizations I support are: The Middle Eastern Children's Alliance, the Wildlife Conservation Network and the Bonobo Conservation Initiative.

I started traveling to remote and exotic places many years ago and immediately fell in love with the simple, yet exquisitely elegant necklaces that the women in these far away places wore.

I began collecting these necklaces, with their natural colored beads and hand-made shapes, varied textures and worn patinas. As time allowed, I undid my old necklaces and mixed the Chinese carved jade and Tibetan coral and Moroccan amber with the many new shades of freshwater pearls and ovals of agate and nuggets of quartz now available. The results are on these pages: Creative combinations of beads both ancient and new, each necklace unique and one of a kind, each an artistic melange of nature's aesthetic.

I love sitting at my work table creating these pieces, determining which shapes and sizes and colors best match, listening to them tell me who they want to live next to, as if designing themselves. But one of my greatest joys is to feel, as I sit surrounded by thousands of glimmers of bouncing light, that I am continuing a tradition thousands of years old of women sitting in their tents or caves or mud huts or wood cabins ..... stringing beads, creating art, making gifts of nature.

Knowing that the money resulting from this effort helps men, women, children, animals and the Earth makes the making of them that much more meaningful and enjoyable.

 I hope you will be intrigued by these art pieces and enjoy wearing a Constanza original, not only because it is uniquely beautiful, but because the glow that your skin will bring to the necklace will reflect the glow you will be bringing to those you are helping.

On may 27, I showed my jewelry at the Tabard Inn in Washington DC - and old and venerable hotel with an old and established first class restaurant. The trunk sale was a big success, with the proceeds going to the Middle Eastern Children's Alliance which supports the children of Gaza. Look up the Tarbard In next time you need a place to stay in Washington.



In Rajasthan, India, I stayed in “Heritage Houses,“ with elaborately painted frescoes of elephants, horses and princes decorating the walls. These richly colored and decorated heritage homes inspired me when creating my own colorful and unique Constanza designs!