My designs are not for the fainted hearted! They are designed for the modern woman - self-confident, bold, sassy, daring - who is not afraid to be noticed, because when you wear a Constanza original, people will notice you!

Constanza necklaces are not designed to match your clothes. They are designed to make an outfit. All you need is a solid colored top – black, white or beige is perfect – and voila!  Your Constanza necklace turns every dress and outfit into a unique fashion statement, which people will notice and admire!

All profits go to 3 endangered groups: Children starving in the war-torn Middle East, elephants being killed for their ivory in Africa and “make love, not war” bonobos losing their only habitat in the Congo. So know that when you buy a Constanza necklace, you are not only going to look beautiful, but in the process, are repairing the world!!